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List of articles

1 Catching the ferry The author took the car ferry Smyril from Scrabster in Scotland to Seyðisfjörður. This is about the start of the journey. There`s also some interesting photographs of 4x4 vehicles in 1981.
2 Skeiðarársandur - and great skuas Skeiðarársandur is a huge outwash plain below one of Iceland`s biggest valley glaciers, Skeiðarárjökull. It is also the nesting ground of a large and vicious bird - the great skua.
3 The river crossing This is the story of how the author made his first crossing of the river Krossá which in the popular recreational area called Thórsmörk. The article is about the dangers encountered when crossing Icelandic rivers and it is a salutary warning to foreign visitors who don`t give the river crossings the great respect they deserve.
4 Reykjavík: changing cultures in a frontier town This is a glimpse into the nature of this fascinating capital and how the trappings of modern European and North American life have been adopted by its people.
5 Reykjavík: visiting the city and taking trips from it This article briefly mentions some of the places to see in the city. There are also descriptions of three trips that often catch visitors` imaginations: the "Golden Circle" tour, the "Blue Lagoon" and the Vatnajökull ice-cap.
6 Christmas in Iceland With long and dark winters, the Icelanders are more than ready to enjoy Christmas. This article describes the peoples`traditions and festivities.
7 Retirement, Icelandic style This article is a brief overview of what retirement is like in the country`s capital.
8 Iceland: what to see and do This article gives a brief introduction to some of the most popular tourist sites in Iceland.


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