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A walk in the woods - Alaska style

18 July 2001

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These are the woods at Bartlett Bay through which we walked.

Then we saw it, right in front of us. A bear print, and fresh. We didn`t panic, but we apprehensively looked all around us. Quietly - but too quietly. Remembering that the last thing we wanted to do was to surprise a bear by suddenly coming across it, we started to talk loudly and nervously as we quickened our pace towards the hotel. Mosquitoes I can cope with, but bears give me nightmares, so I tried not to think too much about the danger. Even worse, voice my fears lest I worked myself into a self-induced panic.
After what seemed an age we reached the welcome shelter of the hotel. I reckoned we deserved a drink. I reckoned we needed a drink.

Next day I sought out the naturalist on board the boat and told her of the incident. "You needn`t have bothered with the citronella" she said "as we`ve got no mosquitoes here - but the bears love the smell of the stuff `!"

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